The Change of Rising Early


For the past few weeks I’ve been getting up around 7am to start work. Not precise but no later than 8am usually.

I just moved from Maryland to California, so 7am still kind of feels like 10am. Which isn’t exactly a huge adjustment from what I was doing. Which was rolling out of bed around 11-noon after working at odd hours like 2am.

As weeks have progressed it’s become a lot easier, even when I have a day where I sleep in late. I had been at a conference most of last week and Friday I didn’t wake up until about noon. In my defense I also didn’t go to bed until 4am.

The next day I was back up at a decent hour though, and was out for a short hike by lunch. So I think my body is adjusted to getting up early but also can manage the fluctuations of late nights or deciding to sleep in.

Why the early mornings?

There’s a few reasons I started this, it’s part personal and part work.

Most of my clients are on the east coast so if I get up at 11am in CA.. well that’s 2pm in MD. That sounds like a disaster for my inbox.

It especially sounds like a disaster for my retainer clients. They pay for priority and continued access. Granted they know I like to sleep in :) so quite the surprise when I flipped the switch on them, because apparently they were prepared to not hear from me until later in the day.

Rising early is also a personal motivator to end my day early as well. For the most part I have been ending my day around 2pm, latest 3pm. That’s when my clients leave the office so my thought is I should too!

The Benefit is Awesome

Ending your work day in the afternoon is amazing. You have the whole day there for you to do whatever you want.

Take a nap? Sure. Go run some errands? Perfect time to do it!

But the bigger benefit is the drive to finish my workload by 2pm. Because I don’t want to work later that night I’m going to make damn sure I hit the big points for the day.

I used to put that stuff off and my work day got really scattered (effective, but still scattered about in spurts of work time) and theres not a huge disconnect from work when you do that. So the schedule is working not only to drive me to finish the day on time, but to truly end my work day.

But you are in another time zone, it’s easy for you!

You’re absolutely right. It is easier. But not impossible because I’ve done it in the past many times, just never had motivation to stick with it.

You don’t have to be hours behind to call it a day early. Plenty of people work like hours like 7-3.  If your client ends their day around 5, what can you realistically get done in 2 hours anyway?

Stay connected for a few hours afterwards via phone and let the clients know your hours. I use to take Fridays off all the time. Now I have been sneaking in a Tuesday or Wednesday off to see how it affects clients and if I can make it an official day off or not.

It’s your business and you should run it the way you want to. If a client can’t respect that then take note from my friend Chris Lema, and Learn to Say No.

Should you wake early?

I’ve always said in the past to work when it’s best for you and that schedules don’t work for everyone. Some people just need to work when it feels right.

So maybe you shouldn’t. But could it hurt to try? No.

My mind and body adjusted to rising early very quickly, I bet yours will too. If you try it I’d love to hear what benefit you’ve had from it!

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