Client Tip: How to get a Freelancer to Kick Ass on Your Project

Here’s a short one for any clients out there:

Be cool and pay quickly.

That’s it and the rest will fall into place.

I’m thankful that I maintain a bunch of clients that have two big things going for them: they are great to work with and they pay really quickly. Sometimes within minutes or hours of me sending an invoice.

Those clients get lots of unspoken perks because they take my work seriously and know that the faster they show they are ready to engage, the faster I’m actually going to engage.

It might sound “wrong” but it’s not. Every single one of my clients still gets value and what they paid for.

Some just happen to get priority on anything they need or “that’s actually out of scope and would cost X” becomes “Yes, I can add that”, because while I’m waiting weeks for you to engage, I’m putting their work ahead because they have already jumped on it.

This train moves forward and often times really fast. So if you slack (disappear, take forever to pay, or are just slow at every step) I’m likely to not want to prioritize your work when you finally need it and likely won’t be working with you again.

I imagine a lot of freelancers share this sentiment because there is nothing more annoying than “We really need this ASAP” and so you take that seriously and then ASAP becomes months of a client disappearing for weeks at a time.

I know there are times when there are processes (accounting has to do their thing or a sign-off is needed and that person is out of office for X time), but be clear and set expectations because that’s exactly what I do when reviewing over scope and contract with you at the beginning of every project.

While the context of this post is about being engaged and paying quickly, that’s just the high level view, and if you nail these two than you likely nail all the other important parts of being a great client.

Transparency and appreciating the value of what I do is something I notice my best clients all share.

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