Developers: Are you working with designers?


Developers. Developers. Developers. Developers.

I’ll never forget the video where Steve Ballmer danced around a stage chanting that, because he thinks developers are the future of everything and anything.

That’s probably why the UI on anything Microsoft is awful.

I’ve always been a firm believer that you can learn programming languages but you can’t always learn to be creative.

But creativity is also kind of the glue that both sides should have, ironically. Not necessarily artistic creativity but just general creative problem solving.

A great developer is creative enough to build things smartly, not to just make sure it’s working, but can approach a problem with a simple, easy to use, scalable solution. Same goes for designers.

Filling the Gap for What You’re Not

I love design — I really wish I could do what designers can. It’s like wizardry to me though. And while they might think what I do is some kind of wizardry, I think what’s more important is that we both know what we’re not.

My designer is a great designer. Not a front-end developer. Not a backend developer. Not an all a rounder in any way. You know what he is? A web designer and only a web designer.

And that’s all I ever want from any designer I work with. If they can manage a project that’s a plus that I love, but I don’t expect it. I want them to pour all their effort into designing the best site possible.

Finding Designers

So if you’re a developer it’s time to find yourself an awesome designer, because it can only lead to good things in my opinion – like the ability to target higher end clients that demand great design work that excels their brand image.

There’s lots of places to look for designers, here are two of my favorite sites to get you started:

But don’t worry, I went ahead and found a few designers who you should go ahead and connect with and get to know, and hopefully you’ll work WITH them on your next project. These are designers I’ve either worked with or know are doing great work:


Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek via Picjumbo cc

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