Freelancing is A Lifestyle

man riding bike and sitting at desk

For me freelancing isn’t about entrepreneurship or running a small business. It’s about living a more fulfilling life. I call the shots so I can do what I want when I want, to an extent of course but you hopefully get what I’m saying.

If I want to go out and ride my bike at 2pm on a Tuesday, well I can do that. I don’t have a boss, project manager, or anyone hovering over my shoulder to make sure work is happening.

It’s still a business and I still have clients that rely on me so there’s a point where I can’t screw off too much. But reality is I can do what’s best for my life and my style of work, and sometimes that means working at 2 am instead of 2pm.

I don’t do well with too much structure. I need to wing it sometimes and work when I’m excited to work or feeling productive. Too much forced structure inhibits the amount of work I can usually get done because it’s pressure. Pressure to do, pressure to complete and stay on track.

That’s why freelancing is a lifestyle for me. It’s less about the business and more about building a life I want to live and that makes me happy as I can be.

So whatever you do, don’t forget to use freelancing to create a more fulfilling life…. whatever that means to you.

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