Are you giving prospective clients a call to action?

Most of us know what a call to action is, most generally in the form of a button or newsletter sign-up. But what about in emails and requests?

There’s one thing I always try to do and that’s leave my client or prospective client with an action to do or respond to. It’s super simple too and it often leaves tire kickers lost at what to respond with.

Just by asking one question at the end of my email to them, I’m basically saying “shit or get off the pot.” Though not quite in those words.

I’m prompting them to make sure they are serious and not here to kick my tires and go “umm nah, we decided we’re not ready..” or for them to just disappear (this happens more than you’d think and often cause by sticker shock!)

Ready for it? It’s so so simple but deadly and helps convert like a boss.

“I’m free for a short introduction call on X day at X time, does that work for you or should we schedule it another time?”

That’s it.

You either want to talk about your project with me or you don’t. I don’t want to meet you or provide you with a ton of my time if you aren’t serious, because there’s plenty of others that ARE serious and READY to go.

You can take it a step further and provide multiple timeslots, but I tend to not do that because I’m lazy and don’t want to feel obligated to hold open multiple spots just incase they take awhile to respond.

Whatever you do, just don’t leave your prospective client with no action.

“Thanks, let me know when you’re free!” is not actionable and is probably too relaxed – it definitely won’t convert tire kickers, that much is for sure.

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