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If there’s one thing I know for certain it’s that I don’t know everything. What I do know for sure is that I’ve screwed up a ton of times. I’ve worked with crappy clients, amazing clients, small clients, large clients, and some really oddball clients.

The list is phenominal of stupid things I’ve done:

  • Worked on 20k+ projects with no contract
  • Took projects because I needed money and ended up doing a ton of work for damn near free
  • Fired clients when I probably shouldn’t have or it was my fault and I didn’t see it
  • Pushed projects back because I was stressed, lazy or just didn’t feel like doing the work
  • The list goes on…

That said, I’ve never had an issue with refunds being requested or even having to be given and I have a ton of repeat clients. Occasionally I get really busy and try to send the work to other developers but 75% of the time have had clients come back and say they would prefer to wait and work with me.

So I must be doing something right and perhaps all those hiccups along the way have crafted me into a better freelancer.

The reality is, it’s ok to screw up… just not a lot.

Even seasoned freelancers screw up sometimes but I’d like to think the bulk of any stupid things you do, should really happen in the first year or two.

After that mark you really should have learned from any mistakes. If you’re in year 5 and still doing these things, maybe you need to stop. Maybe freelancing just isn’t for you or you are pulling in some really bad projects and clients consistently because of any messages you’re sending.

It’s all learning experiences

Like I said, nobody is perfect and if others are telling you they have never had any similar issues in the past than they must be the golden child. I’d love to meet them. I can only think they are so centered in their offering they have never branched out of a really comfortable zone in their work.

I don’t blog here because I think I’ve got it all figured out. That would be a lie. I still have restless nights wondering where the next project is coming from and when it will show up or wondering what I’m doing wrong.

I blog here because I’ve screwed up a ton in the beginning and I’m still getting my bearings sometimes. I’m still learning, but in the mean time hopefully you can learn from me.

Reach out

I recently added a listing to WP Mentor to help more seasoned freelancers and it’s been going well, I’m on my 2nd and possibly a 3rd freelancer. So far they all seemed to have good takeaways and appreciate my time and I’ve even learned some from them.

But if that’s not you and you’re not seasoned with steady clients, that’s ok, just don’t be afraid to reach out anyway when you have questions or need help. I’m here to help!

Got a question or need some help with something? Click here.

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