Is Monday really bad or did you screw it up?


Bah it’s Monday tomorrow I don’t want to …

This is a pretty common refrain for anyone. In theory Mondays suck and we are supposed to hate them.

I say if you hate Monday you’re doing the wrong job or have the wrong projects.

I said yes too much

In all honesty as I write this I’m not looking forward to today (and hey it’s Monday) but the fact is I said yes to some projects I shouldn’t have. So what I’m really not looking forward to is what I have to do today.

This is entirely my fault and I can choose to complain about it or I can choose to learn from it.

What I’ve learned is that I’m not good at small rescue projects. They are a bunch of pain without the freedom to really do things the way I want.

Large rescue projects are still decent since I get to gut parts of a site and rebuild things the right way. Small ones leave me hacking around the crap code with my own code that is often a bit of crap.

It’s pretty damn hard to write elegant code around crap.

Stop whining

Stop whining about Monday and learn what you dislike about the jobs you have. Then take that learning and don’t take the projects you dislike again.

Or continue to act like a child and blame it on the day or circumstances and don’t take responsibility.

If you want to take responsibility then a great read is No more Dreaded Monday’s.

photo credit: Mike Rohde via photopin cc

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