Outsourcing Parts of Your Freelance Business

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Before we get too far into this post I want to say one thing: Don’t outsource your main work. Ever.

Working with other freelancers is fine, but if you’re basically reselling and leveraging outsourcing for everything… you’re doing it wrong. It’s not only dishonest but think about it, your clients are paying you for YOU to do the work which is something that cannot be duplicated. Your talents are yours and even though others might have similar skills to get the job done, no one can do your work quite like you.

DO outsource some of your life or low level business tasks.

Your Life is Billable Time

I sometimes measure my tasks by billable time. If I hate doing something or it takes me longer than it might someone else, it’s probably worth letting someone else do it, right? Because that’s time I can spend getting work done or not working at all. I can focus on something I actually enjoy doing.

For example, if I have to do my laundry and I know that takes 3 hours to wash, dry, and fold everything, I might consider paying for it to be done.

I don’t have a washer/dryer, so I have to go to the laundromat which involves some travel time (not much but still— time!) and then do the whole process, most of which is me sitting around watching clothes spin.

However – my local dry cleaner will pick up my clothes and even drop them back off the same day and usually runs me about $50. If I charge $100/hr and do 3 hours of work instead, I’ve actually made money by letting someone else handle it.

Business Tasks You Can Outsource

There are some things that you have to accept are just not in your wheelhouse. Some of my business tasks fall in that spot where I do them but don’t enjoy it, so I don’t do a good job at it.

Writing and Editing

I recently hired a remote assistant and the first thing I’m having her do is to edit these posts and publish them for me.

I can write all day but actually editing my work, adding an image, making sure the SEO is good to go, publishing, and then finally adding the posts to BufferApp and sharing on a few social media groups I am a part of take up a lot of my time.

It’s that last bit that usually stops me from posting. Especially the editing. It’s always best to have a second pair of eyes to go over my writing and catch anything I probably missed. There’s been so many times I’ve written posts or content for my sites and then go to edit it and absolutely HATE IT ALL. I’ve deleted so many good posts that I’ve lost count.

But I need to blog and do it more often. One way for me to do it more often is to let my assistant handle the final push. She is a writer and a creative so this stuff is right up her alley, not mine.

Some other tasks you might consider letting an assistant or someone more capable handle:

  • Keyword Research
  • Collecting & Documenting your expenses
  • Managing your schedule and meetings
  • Collecting past due payments
  • Marketing Support
  • Project Management

More Time For You

The goal isn’t necessarily to bill more like I mentioned with the laundry example, but instead to have more time for you. I worked a ton last year and didn’t do very much for myself. I think most of my “vacations” and travel were business related.

It’s great to get out and build your brand at the same time but you’re still plugged in. Having someone assist you in day to day stuff is insurance that you can unplug and live your life while knowing the wheels are still turning.

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