Quantifying Expertise of Others

Lately it seems like a new freelancing site pops up everyday with someone who wants to share their knowledge with other freelancers.

That’s great because it shows movement for freelancers as a whole — it’s growing. But how do we know if we should listen to them or not?

Hell, why should you even listen to me? I’ve never given you anything that says I know what I’m doing other than sharing my thoughts.

We work in a space where anyone can decide to freelance even with the smallest amount of skills.

If you can design, you can sell design services as a freelancer. If you can code, you can become a developer. All by the flip of a switch really.

In what ways are we able to know if they have the expertise to help us drive our own businesses to be more successful? It’s not a rhetorical question because I genuinely don’t know.

Can you define others success?

Defining success can be difficult especially because people view it so differently. There are tons of aspects to our own success, much less trying to gauge someone else’s.

What factors are most important or matter?

  • Income – Why? Lots of smarter people making more and less than you.
  • Community involvement – Much appreciated, but it doesn’t define your business successes.
  • The clients they keep – I’ve had random really small unheard of companies bring me work from huge clients, so that’s out.
  • Quality of work – How do we know it’s good or bad? Does high quality work equal income and success? Not always.

Should any of that even matter? Maybe we just have to gauge the content and wether it feels right or applies to our own situations and goals.

Trust your gut I guess.

Lots of questions in this post and no answers for any of them. Maybe you have some. If so I’d love to hear them.

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