Tackle it Now, Not Later

Photo Credit: Paul Nicholson via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Paul Nicholson via Compfight cc

For a long time I would save the most difficult pieces of work for last. Meaning if I didn’t know how to do something I would just do all the parts I did and save the hard part for last.

You might think that sounds like good idea because you get yourself pumped by knocking out the easy stuff, so your confidence is up and ready to tackle the difficult pieces.

Not likely.

If you’re like me with several projects and a start-up ticking away at your time, it’s real easy to jump to something else when the tasks get tough.

But that’s not good. You’re just letting the frustration build up whenever you do decide to tackle the work.

Face Em Head On

It’s time to change things up. Start by working the hard part first and if you hit a bump then you can move on and revisit it later.

Knock out some of that easy stuff you do all the time, basically rejuvenate yourself a bit.

Break It Into Parts

If it’s a large amount of work than breaking it into sections can help you get it done. 30 minute to 1 hour long tasks (if that) until it’s complete.

This way you can skip around within a single project if needed and still feel productive in marking things off your to-do list.

Whatever you do… don’t save the hard parts for last. Cause then they just sit there looming and you’ve gotta do it at some point anyway, so why make it frustrating and forceful.

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