Taking Time Off to Travel While Freelancing


I’ve been freelancing for a little over 5 years now and I try to travel as much as possible, so I know first hand it’s hard to completely disconnect and travel when you’re the sole operation.

It’s not like working for someone where you can hang up your duties for a few weeks and disappear or can you?

Yes, you can! The world won’t melt while your gone, your business won’t dry up and your clients will definitely still be there when you get back. You can travel while freelancing so long as you set things up where you don’t have to worry while your gone.

Let go of some things

One way you can get to that point is to let go of some tasks. I mention this in my last post where I talked about outsourcing for freelancers.

This has taken so many “to do’s” off my list, it’s incredible. It can really narrow down on what parts of the business are my responsibility and look at the bigger picture like bringing in work and actually doing the work.

Have a backup for your clients

If you read my post about freelance retainers you know that I have a monthly retainer with a company that keeps me busy most of the month. I also co-founded/run a start-up that’s been consuming more and more of my time.

So for me to disappear for a week or two could put me behind on some things or even miss critical issues that need to be handled.

But if you put together a network of trusted freelancers you can call on, this is no problem!

One thing I’ve done in the past is informed everyone on current projects of my travel as soon as I know the dates and what they can do in the event of an “emergency.” That means contacting 1 or 2 people I’ve given them contact info for.

I have it setup with those freelancers that when I get back, I’ll take care of any time at the rate or whatever we’ve agreed upon. Thankfully I don’t think I’ve ever actually had to pay any of those people. It’s always been relatively quiet when I get back.

Just do it

I know it can be a little scary – you imagine everything crumbling the minute you get on the plane, at least I do. I imagine every client’s site just went down and everyone is scrambling while I’m stuck in airplane mode.

You have to take care of yourself though and there’s no badge of honor for working your life away. I’ve never met anyone that said “I wish I had worked more when I was younger.” Right?

So plan accordingly, don’t overbook yourself, and make sure you take time for yourself.

Everything will be just fine when you’ve got your feet in the sand, drinking a margarita on some remote beach somewhere with no cell service or wifi to be found.


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