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Finally, I pushed this site live! You’re on here reading this post. Awesome. I got tired of talking about launching it. I needed to just do it. Just run with it and learn as I go.

That’s how I got started in freelancing. I just did it. I had to run with it and see where it went. There was no master plan or big ideas, my freelance career was built out of a need to do something for myself. Something I loved doing that would keep me excited for as long as possible.

Few things can keep me focused for more than a few minutes. We either live in a “now now now” world and I, probably not unlike you, can’t seem to escape it… or I have really bad ADD. Probably a combination of both.

With freelancing even when the projects are the same, each day is a bit different. We call the shots. I don’t punch a clock at the exact same time everyday. Some days I feel like sleeping in, or others I get up super early and work a few hours then call it a day.

That freedom keeps me excited when the projects can’t.

But enough about that. Let me get to the point of this post:

My goal with Zen Freelancing is to help other freelancers avoid the mistakes I made along the way, and and to hopefully help you find a better work & life balance. I can almost guarantee you work too much. It’s a hard spiral to break – you wear every hat in this business. I get it.

You still need to make your own mistakes because sometimes a lesson is never really learned until it hurts, but at least try to take away a few nuggets here and there and possibly de-stress your life a little.

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  1. Matthew Snider says

    Great stuff Drew. I am in Baltimore as well and concocting a small WordPress Consultant agency for myself. I need to be more creative, independent. Love that there are folks out there in my neighborhood that are doing the same.

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