Writing Really Great Amazingly Epic Content

I always want to write really great content for my sites. Unfortunately I don’t personally think I can write “really great content.” Because of that I end up not writing at all, or scrapping whatever I did have — which was probably sufficient enough to get my point across, but like most things I do for myself, I just fucking hate it.

I almost think this is a good quality to have. Nothing is ever good enough, perfect enough, or possibly even done correctly and I’m constantly left wondering if there are better, cleaner, smarter ways to do things — unless someone else did it.

I’m way more lenient when it comes to others work. Occasionally I’ll send overflow to other developers, designers, etc. They all do great work, which is why I work with them, but I’d probably let it slide if it wasn’t perfect or was “good enough for government.” It’s not of course and is always up to par.

It needs to work of course and be what I requested, but that aside it’s easier to accept something I didn’t do. Not just with programming but with writing or design or even just everyday tasks.

Sometimes I think I just set the standard a bit too high for myself and the whole thing topples over.

Anyone else do this? How do you overcome it? Just say fuck it and click publish or dump your thoughts out and roll with it?

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